About Us


Lee - Vegan is LoveLee

Chief printer, Vegan mom, bookworm and social butterfly.  I’m not happy unless I’ve got my teeth sunk deep into a project.  I am an eternal optimist, I love animals (including humans), and my afternoon tea and cookies, (not to mention my morning and evening tea) are sacrosanct.

I derive a deep sense of joy from advocating on behalf of animals and participating with local grassroots groups in my community.  One of my favourite quotes and an idea that keeps me moving is – “Action is the antidote to despair” – Joan Baez.

Welcome to Plenty Sweet Enough Productions – Inspirational t-shirts for a compassionate world.

We design, print and sell our own line of vegan and animal rights tees which you will find for sale here on our website.   We are committed to sourcing garments from ethical producers,  fair trade and sweat shop free.  We are a vegan, family run business.

We want to share our love and respect for everyone – all species and the planet by creating a line of tees that will not only inspire you with positive messaging but also help you to spread peace and compassion to all who see you.   We encourage you to wear your heart on your sleeve and declare your values front and centre, you will definitely have an impact.

We are extremely proud to support and supply local, grassroots organizations like the Toronto “Save” movement for pigs, cows and chickens – bearing witness to the plight of farmed animals and encouraging communities around the world to end the unnecessary enslavement and slaughter of farmed animals.

Our Product and Suppliers 

Our t-shirts and other garments are supplied by companies that are committed to paying their workers a fair wage and providing a safe working environment.  Sourcing sweatshop free garments is important to us.  We design and imprint the images to order, using custom made, screen printed, plastisol heat transfers, right here in our home workshop and ship them directly to you.

Why are you called “Plenty Sweet Enough”?    

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with the idea of being “good enough”, “smart enough”, “accomplished enough”, etc.  I never felt like I was “enough” of anything.  Almost four years ago, in 2009, I learned about the systematic cruelty and violence inflicted on animals in the slaughterhouse and in modern factory farms.  I stopped eating meat immediately and went vegan within a month.  I finally began to feel whole and happy.  My exterior life became an embodiment of my core values; joy, compassion, non-violence, love, and respect for all living beings.  These values are at the heart of being vegan.  (Okay, I must admit to having a teeny, tiny, fear of spiders but I know they are important!)  I also have a bit of a sweet tooth and it’s caused me no end of trouble.  The name “Plenty Sweet Enough” represents the idea that we are all whole or “enough”, just as we are.  We all have the potential to live sweet, joyful and compassionate lives.  The choice is up to us!  .